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{EXO-K} translations: [LYRICS] My Lady [K/T/R]



She’s my baby 새하얀 끝에 녹아버린 초코라떼 you’re walking into my door

She’s my lady 눈부신 입술에 빠져버릴 나는 너의 I’m running into your heart

내게 보여줘 don’t lie

솔직해진다면 gonna be easy

번도 느낄 없던 하모니

친구가 남자이고 싶어 너에겐


thank you for breathing: [FROM. LAY] Hello, I am EXO-M's Lay


Hello. This is Lay. ^^
Today is our first anniversary, being able to reply to fans’ messages, but it doesn’t seem like much~ TT
I still want to leave even more messages… We’ll chat next time~
Thank you for the care you’ve given me this year, I’ve always been working hard to…

@donghai1015: New Years together with Junmyeonie ^^ (c)

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When deciding who is the most handsome in BEAST according to Yoseob.

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luhan trying to get suho to face the front

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130206 kris renren update

imageTrans : a litle Happy belated New Year 

which mean is lunar new year :) 

Hungry Baek biting suho’s arms

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doojoon bending his knees to match yoseob’s height :3

doojoon bending his knees to match yoseob’s height :3

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: 120107 Tao's little weibo adventure


  1. Set a preview photo as his display photo|
  2. When Sekila updated the HQ photo….. he changed it again
  3. He then changed his username to DiamondVIpTao and updated his description
    Nothing in this world is impossible to me. As long as you want, as long as I have. Happy New Year.
  4. He…

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